29 December 2014

2014 review

I've not posted a lot here over the past year.  For most of the year I've been having bouts of dizziness and balance problems.  I eventually went to the Dr's and she has diagnosed Labrynthitis the tablets have worked a little but I think I will have to go back for more next week.

I've been busy working on my first level 2 course for my Textile degree.  I've completed two assignments and made a start on the third designing and making a scarf.

In October I started Lifebook 2014 because I felt I needed to encourage my creativity. I've only finished half the lessons but I've already learnt such a lot.  I wasn't sure if I could afford to do 2015 but my brother gave me some money for Christmas and I found £20 in my purse that I didn't realise I had so I've enrolled again.

This was the first page I did and already i can see that I've improved on using mixed media.  I started using a sketchbook but this year I'm going to use loose pages then bind them at the end of the year that way o only have to include the successful ones.  

My Candy diva with Marieke Blokland  I really surprised myself with this one it was so out of my comfort zone.

The Whimsical Wizard with Steven Speight - This wizard took me a few weeks and I couldn't believe that I'd done it when I finished I was so chuffed with what I'd achieved.

This is a stylised Liverbird from the lesson Flying Free and Positive Self Talk with Tascha Parkinson

In the Moment with Traci Bautista.  It was so liberating.

Spring Time Journalling with Dyan Reaveley.   I wish I could afford some stencils and a die cutting machine because I had to cut out the shapes for the flowers and leaves by hand.  There again it does make them personal.

The Courage to be You with Dyan Reaveley.  The orange pattern is a lino print I cut a few years ago.  

I cut a silhouette to use as a stencil and made a leaf stamp from funky foam.  It's amazing what you can do when you have to make do with what you already have.

Artsy Abode with Carissa Paige.  Not usually my sort of art but reasonably pleased with my version.

Choose Joy with Christy Tomlinson

Moon Whale - Deep Slow Flow with Tamara Laporte

Turning a Negative into a Positive with Micki Wilde - I'd been feeling depressed for a few days before I did this.  It is true that doing art does help with mental well being.

Nurture Yourself with Kelly Hoernig - The last lesson of 2014.

Best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and creative 2015.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Worth the wait to see these. I like the idea of using loose sheets to be bound together later. I bought a mixed media journal with removal pages thinking it would allow me more freedom with experimenting. I got sidetracked with other things and have yet to use it, but think it will happen this year. Seeing these has inspired me!