22 December 2013


It is ages since I posted on here I've been concentrating on finishing my last Level 1 module Understanding Western Art for my Textiles degree.  It is being assessed in March then I can go on to Level 2 most probably after Easter if I can get the money to carry on.  

I've been very good at keeping to my gluten free diet but I've had some of the symptoms over the past few weeks and couldn't work out where I got the gluten from.  It turns out that glucose syrup isn't made from sugar as you would think but can be derived from wheat and a supposedly gluten free stock cube I used in soup had glucose syrup from wheat.  It is so annoying I seem to take 3 steps forward and 2 back.  I am cutting out anything that is processed and sticking to homemade when I can and hope that soon I will feel better because I am so fed up if feeling ill.  

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