24 June 2013

Coeliac disease

I've been Gluten free for 3 months now apart from the odd lapse (by accident) so I had to see the Gastro consultant this morning.  Although my blood test was negative and I chickened out of the endoscopy and biopsy he is happy with my family history of Coeliac disease to say that I have it.  I won't get bread on prescription though, I would have to go back to eating gluten and have the biopsy to qualify and I just can't face it.  He's sending me to see a Dietician and for a bone scan because coeliac's can be at risk of developing Osteoporosis.  There isn't a lot of follow up care as I don't have to go back to see him and my brother  hasn't seen a specialist since he was diagnosed over 10 years ago

My diet hasn't really changed that much but I am eating healthier than I have for years, more fresh fruit and vegetables and instead of buying processed foods I'm making my own meals from scratch.  Today for the first time I managed to get a half way decent gluten free bread as well.

Gluten is in the most unlikely of foods.  I'd been so good checking everything I bought so was feeling a lot better than I had done in months but a couple of times I felt ill and couldn't work out were the gluten was.  Once it was in the pickled onions I'd had with a salad.

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Carol McFee said...

Good luck with the Gluten free Susan, I have tried to be GF for over 20 years, and you are right it is in so many foods, and under so many names. I do fall off the wagon a bit too many times lately :)