26 April 2013

Abstract Art

As part of my OCA Textile degree course I had to study modern art in Understanding Western Art.  I've never really liked it but as I've learnt more I have started to appreciate some of it more.  I still think some of it is a case of the 'Emperors new clothes' you know what I mean ........ we are told it is art by the experts so it must be???

Anyway I thought I'd have a go at some Abstract art and here are a few of my attempts at it

Acrylic on Watercolour

and my favourite Oil on Canvas.

 I think I've inadvertently painted an abstract impression of ‘reflections’ in oil.  I can see it being a basis for a textile piece using my embellisher.

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sharon young said...

Lovely colours and textures in these studies, Susan.
So nice to see you on my blog, many thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.