29 March 2013

Coeliac disease???

I've not bee very well since before Christmas with stomach problems

My symptoms have included
  • Weight loss - 2 1/2 stones since November 
  • Lack of appetite - I've always enjoyed my food but some days I have to force myself to eat
  • Loose bowel movements
  • Bloating abdomen - I looked as if I was pregnant which is impossible
  • Stomach pains and cramps
  • Itchy red scalp
  • Tiredness - some days I could sleep for England
  • Foggy brain
  • Dizziness

so my GP sent me to see a Gastroenterologist at my local hospital for tests.  Coeliac disease runs in my family, my brother was diagnosed with it a number of years ago and I have a lot of the symptoms of it.  The blood test came back negative so I was supposed to have an endoscopy/biopsy but my brother said have a sedative because it was one of the worst things he'd had done.  I couldn't have a sedative because I live alone so I chickened out of having it done. I saw the consultant last Monday and he fully understood why I couldn't go through with it and although the blood test is negative he thinks because of the family history that I do have Coeliac disease so I've got to go on a Gluten Free diet for 3 months then go back to see him. 

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