29 September 2012

Creative sketchbooks

I've been so busy with my OCA work that I've not posted on here for ages.  I finally finished Creative Sketchbooks with Linda and Laura Kemshall at Design Matters.

I loved doing the monoprinting I did these on tissue then collaged them to the page and added colour.  I also got a bit carried away with tulips.

12 September 2012

Justice at last.....

Today was a momentous day when the Hillsborough panel revealed their findings and what we in Liverpool always knew that there had been one big cover up.  After 23 long years the families of those who never came home from that fateful football match are hopefully nearing the end of their long journey for Justice.

Justice for the 96 You Will Never Walk Alone.

08 September 2012

Textile degree update

I've not been posting on here a lot because I've been busy finishing my 2nd module towards  a degree in Textiles..... after a lot of set backs and with a month to spare before I had to have it finished I'll be sending my 5th assignment to my tutor then sending all the work I've done for assessment in November.  Only another 5 modules to go .........  I may finish by the time I'm due for my pension :) Here's a taster of what I made for my personal project but if you'd like to see more have a look here.

I'm just waiting for my next module to be delivered Understanding Art: Western Art.  I have to study 3 modules at this level and it was a toss up between Printmaking or Western Art but I decided this would give me an overview of how art has developed over the centuries.  There had been a discussion on the student forum about keeping a blog and the consensus was to keep a separate one for each module so when it came to assessment there wouldn't be any confusion, so I've started a new one for Western Art here there isn't a lot on it but it will soon fill up.  I'm hoping that whoever I get as a tutor will allow me to upload my work to it rather than sending it through the post as I have to do with textiles.   I'll keep my main blog with updates so that anyone who follows or finds it can keep up with what I'm doing.

Like most universities OCA have had to put up their fees but luckily because I'm a continuing student my fees are capped until 2017 otherwise I don't think I would have been able to continue.