30 October 2012

Degree update....

... the 2nd of my level one Textiles modules is at OCA headquarters in Barnsley awaiting assessment next month.  I should know how I have done by the end of the month.

I started Understanding Western Art at the end of September and so far it is very interesting.  It involves a lot of reading you should see the size of the book that is included it weighs a ton :).  I'm up to Rome at the moment. 

I'm supposed to have my first assignment in by the end of November.  I was hoping to do this module quickly but I may have to put the date back a bit as I had another health scare last Friday.  I've been feeling out of sorts for a few weeks now but I woke up with my heart beating so fast I thought that I was having a heart attack.  Thanks goodness after a load of test at my local A & E they've taken me off one of the BP meds I've been on for years.  I found this site with all the side effects and as I went through them I was slowly ticking them off.  I feel a lot better since I stopped taking it but I really think it was slowly poisoning me I woke up this morning with jaundice.  It is going to take a while to get it out of my system though.

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jackie said...

I have not tried the wedges on fabric yet. Thanks for commenting. I am sorry you are feeling unwell. My husband is taking that medication and a lot of others following a stroke this year. No problems so far. Lists of side affects are always frightening. Best wishes.