22 April 2012

Sea Odyssey Day Two

As promised photos from day two.

It poured with rain not long after I got to the park but luckily it stopped and anyway Giant Uncle was late waking up but once they put his diving helmet back on he went for a walk in to town.

This will give you an idea of how tall he was he towers over the crowd.

The Lilliputians that control him are amazing.  The man with the megaphone is shouting in french but also english because some are from Liverpool - left leg up, right leg up then they grab the rope and literally fling themselves off the side.  Then climb on at the back to wait there turn again.   No wonder they need a siesta in the afternoon they must be absolutely knackered by then.

After a look around the Stanley Park festival I went into town to see more. Here's Giant Uncle having his siesta in front of St George's Hall.

One of the good points about the day was NO CARS!!!!!  You can't usually walk here so I managed to get a few good photos of St George's Hall from this vantage point.

I went down to the Pier Head where the little girl was having an afternoon nap but I couldn't get close enough there where so many people I felt hemmed in so had to turn back but managed to get this one when I held me camera up over the crowd, you can see how many where there. Everyone was very well behaved but to be honest I think there should have been better crowd control around here.

She was sat in a deckchair with a radio beside her.

I managed to get some photos of the dog he came right in front of us.


I should have been further up because she stopped to do some exercises so I only got a view of her back as she did them.

I was going to go down to Kings Dock for when she met up with her Uncle but it was so crowded where I was walking beside Port of Liverpool Building one of the buildings known as the Three Graces that I didn't realize there was a step down and the next moment I was flat on the floor.  I didn't do any damage luckily just came down heavy on my right leg but it shook me up for a while. You feel such a fool as well but there where lots of good samaritans around to help me up.  When I saw the crowds I decided to come home which was a shame because I believe it was very emotional when they finally met up at Kings Dock.

Hope you have enjoyed my photos of this once in a lifetime event.  Thank you Jean-Luc Courcoult, Royal De Luxe and everyone that was involved in bringing this truly amazing and inspirational piece of street theatre to my home city.  It has truly brought the city together and put a smile on all our faces from the youngest to the oldest and will live in our hearts and memories for years to come Merci beaucoup.

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Jill said...

What a fabulous opportunity to see these performances - thanks for sharing.