21 April 2012

Sea Odyssey Day One

I ache all over after spending yesterday and today following the Giants in Liverpool.  What can I say but WOW Absolutely outstanding.

Friday 20th April

This extravaganza of street theatre started in Stanley Park close to where I live when a little girl woke up and started her journey around Liverpool looking for her Uncle.

First though she had a shower - this was as close as I could get because it was so crowded, an estimated 15,000.

Her pet dog Xolo pronounced Cho-Lo led the way.

 After she left the park she went on a boat ride

 and so she didn't get wet she wore a bright yellow mac and hat.

In the evening her Uncle who had come out of one of the docks down by the Mersey arrived to spend the night in Stanley Park.  Unfortunately he was an hour early so I missed him arriving and they where just taking his helmet of and settling him down for the night.

You wouldn't believe how many people stayed around just to watch him sleep, he snored as well.

 You must think I'm mad talking as if they are real but if you had seen them you would begin to believe that they aren't marionnettes because the Lilliputians that operate them make them so human.

Come back tomorrow and I'll post about Day Two.

Update - I took some short film on my compact camera but I need to find out how to edit and put it on here so to be going on with here's one I found on YouTube of the little Girl dancing before she went to bed last night.

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