10 May 2012

Daylight floor lamp

I thought I'd posted this back in February but I just found it as a draft.

I have a daylight bulb in my studio but I've been wanting a floor lamp for when I'm working downstairs in the living room but they've been expensive.  I googled  and found this one half price for £35.99 so I chanced getting one.  I had to wait a few weeks though for new stock to come in.

It took a while to put together but well worth it.  It's a lot easier to match colours than by the long life bulb I usually sew by in the living room.


Jill said...

I have one of these leaning over my armchair i love it and have it on most of the evening - great for sewing or doing the crossword.

Mariann Johansen-Ellis/Cascada Studio said...

Hi Susan,
it's me again, mariann-johansen-ellis.blogspot.com
and my blog is filling up with links to your blog???? Please please, find out what that is about so we can stop it from happening..... with my comments comes about 40-50 links to your blog, and it's no fun....
thanks for your help. Mariann