25 December 2011

Happy Christmas

This Christmas looks as if it will unseasonably mild for some of us in the UK this year, 12 degrees compared with minus 2 last year here in Liverpool.

I'm looking forward to my Christmas dinner this year as last year I wasn't too well on the day.  I've made the stuffing today to go with the chicken, roasties and sprouts which I'll cook tomorrow then sit and eat it in front of the TV. 

Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and Father Christmas brings you all you want.

18 December 2011

Minton floor reveal........

...... for anyone coming to Liverpool in early January don't miss this.  You won't regret the one pound it costs to get in as the floor is only unveiled once a year.

Here's a taster to wet your appetite from a few years ago.

15 December 2011


I could scream!  Halifax closed the local agency I used for my banking so I changed to Lloyds TSB earlier this year and now the EU is forcing them to sell off branches because they are too big and guess what ....... yes the one I moved my account to is one of those that are due to be sold off.  It is so annoying there are only 2 banks close to where I live Lloyds and Barclays, HSBC closed a few years ago and is now a bar .......moan over for now.