06 June 2011

Solved it.......

....... I think I may have solved the problem with my blog not showing up on followers blog roll.

On the Blogger forum covering this problem they suggest deleting the blog from Blog Roll - save - add blog again - save.  I added my blog to the blog roll and it seems to have worked.

Just checked a couple of blogs where I know mine is in the blog roll and it seems (fingers crossed) to have worked.


Ms Louise Gardiner said...

Hello! I am not sure how but you seemto have posted all your comments on my links section....?

Theres a long list of links all with your address on ...

Just wondering how you did this? I hate to say it but it rather invades my link list.... do you know how to undo it?


Ms Louise Gardiner said...

I hope you dont mind but I am going to delete all your links of about 20 or more except for the first if I can.