04 June 2011

It's a long time since I've blogged here but I've been busy with my degree work here.  I'm starting screen printing next, my 1st try at it so I've bought a few books from Committed to cloth and Amazon.

The DVD that came with Thermofax printing was very interesting.  I'd love a Thermofax machine but at £800-1,000 I can't justify the expense at the moment so I will have to buy a few from here or here.

I posted my work for The Art of Photography for assessment last Tuesday.    Unfortunately this module doesn't count towards the Textiles degree but I want to see how well (or not) I've done.  It had to be there by 15th June but it will be a month or more before I find out.

I know envy is one of the 7 deadly sins but when I saw this video I couldn't help being envious of her new studio, who wouldn't be with all that space.

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Ali Honey said...

I love screen printing as a process....haven't done any for years, but used to.

No matter what I try I cannot get your blog to update itself in my blog list in my side bar. It always says it is 3 years since you posted - most peculiar. ( any idea why? )