06 June 2011

The Art of Photography

Forgot to mention that I sent of my work for assessment last week.  This module won't count towards my Textiles degree but I want to see how well (or not) I did.  It doesn't get assessed until next month then it will be a few more weeks before I learn what grade I've achieved, I'll post when I find out.

One of photos I took for Assignment 4 - Lighting techniques.


Ali Honey said...

Love your sun flower.
Yes, it worked you shot right to the top almost on my blog list, so Thanks for that.

Val said...

Hi Susan - lovely to catch up. My you have been busy over the last couple of years, and sincere congrats. on all you have achieved. This shot is just beautiful (twould make a gorgeous embroidery!!) Thanks for dropping by my Blog.

Murphy Doodles said...

Hi Susan, I've just been reading your various blogs. Lovely work, full of colour. Good luck on your photography grade too — the sunflower has a beautiful quality.