19 January 2011

OCA Exploring Ideas

Christine left a comment on my last post

Hello Susan
I was interested in your comments about the OCA Exploring Ideas module as I was thinking of doing it myself. What do you think of it? Have you managed to get started after having such a terrible year? Best of luck with it, anyway. 

but I couldn't reply directly so I hope you read this.

I've felt more like studying over the past few weeks so I've finally made a start on Part One of Exploring Ideas and so far I'm enjoying it.  This first part doesn't have to be sent for assessment but is more to introduce yourself to your tutor and give them the chance to get to know your work. 

Project Interpreting cultural sources - in this project, you'll be researching a textile design from a particular culture.

I've chosen Africa as it is such a large continent there is bound to be something that catches my eye.  I've done most of the design part, just got to do samples now.  I'll have to get started because I'm supposed to send it to my tutor at the end of this month.

I'm looking forward to Part Two 'Screen Printing'.  I've not tried this before so it should be interesting.

When I update my OCA blog I'll put a post on here for anyone that wants to have a look at what I'm doing.

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imac said...

Hi Susan, thank you for your nice comment on my Header, and of the song.

Julie sends her regards.