02 December 2010

Day 2......Brrh!!!!

I must be living in one of the few places in the UK that hasn't had a lot of snow.  We had a dusting of snow earlier in the week which is still a bit icy in places.

BUT it is so cold I feel like hibernating until spring.  I envy those with central heating.  I've got the gas fire on full blast, thick socks on, a jumper with a cardigan on top to keep warm.  I even resorted to putting the gas stove on so it warmed the kitchen up and through to the bathroom so I could get washed.  Takes me back to when I was a teenager when we huddled around a coal fire.  Thanks goodness I don't have to go down the backyard to the toilet like we did before the house had a bathroom put in.

Icy leaves taken earlier this year.


Magic Cochin said...

Love that photo of leaves!

Good to have you join the Advent blogs - will we stay the course to Christmas?

We've a thin covering of snow but nothing like some areas.

My OH was born in Waterloo - so I've got to know your part of the world a little over the years.


pebbledash said...

I love a touch of frost...rarely see it where I live in the far south west, though we've had the miracle of some snow this last week!