27 May 2010

What a difference a week makes

This time last week I honestly thought I would be organizing a funeral.  But thankfully I was so wrong.  My Mum is well on the way to recovering.  They moved her out of critical care on Monday afternoon.  She's in a side room for now because she has an MRSA infection in her nose, it seems lots of us have this without knowing it.  She's very unsteady on her feet but I suppose you can expect that after 5 days in bed but hopefully she will get her strength back  soon. 

We had a laugh though when she said the pysio was teaching her how to breath, as if she hasn't been for the past 84 years.  But that was part of the problem I think she doesn't breath deeply enough into her lungs, it seems she doesn't breath out the carbon dioxide so it builds up in her lungs.

I hope they will let her home soon because this travelling up to the hospital each day is killing me.  I keep forgetting to take my blood pressure medicine and I think I'm anaemic again because I have to keep stopping every few yards because I'm out of breath.  I forgot to take my iron tablets for the past week so that hasn't helped.

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