21 May 2010

Not again

My poor Mum is in hospital again with pneumonia.  The past few days have been fraught.  Her breathing had got so bad I had to call an ambulance on Wednesday night and to be honest I didn't think we would make it to the hospital she was so bad they had the lights and sirens going all the way.  They took her straight into A & E but it was over half an hour before they could tell me how she was and of course I panicked when they took me into the relatives room I expected the worst.  They said she was very ill and when they took me through to see her I knew she was in a bad way.  The Dr from ICU said she had single organ shutdown and that if it spread to other organs they would only be able to make her comfortable. I freaked out when they asked what she would want doing if they had to resuscitate her.   I had to phone my brother to come over from York because they didn't think she would last the night.    They let us see here for a few minutes in ICU but there wasn't much we could do but go home, now I'm not an overly religious person but I did pray a lot that night.  My brother is a born again Christian so he'd asked his friends from church to pray for her.

We phoned next morning and they said she was still critical but talking to the staff so we went up to the hospital and they let us see here again for a few minutes and I can't believe the difference she was so much better.  They must have pumped her full of antibiotics to get the pneumonia under control.  She's still in ICU because they are waiting for a bed in the chest ward for her.  They've taken out all the needles that where stuck in her and reduced the oxygen she needs.

As my brother said earlier today 'The Power of Prayer', it is indeed miraculous.

NB  I've just looked up Aintree University Hospital (although we know it by its old name of Fazakerly Hospital)  and the Critical Care Unit is state of the art and the Chest ward (one of 3) she'll be going to is one of the largest in the country and many of the consultants are national or international experts so she is getting the best treatment possible.

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Doreen G said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways Susan and I do think your prayers helped in this situation.
I will add mine to the list at church tomorrow.
Stay strong my friend.