04 April 2010

Tambour Beading

I’ve always wanted to know how to do this so I was chuffed when I found this YouTube video showing how it is done.  It looks easy once you’ve got the hang of it.

I want one

Have you see the new i pad that has just come out in the US.  It’s due out here at the end of the month.   I don’t usually go in for all the latest gadgets like some people but this does look as if it will be useful.  As I’m an OU student I’m eligible for a discount so I think I’ll be having a look at this when it arrives in the Apple store in Liverpool One.

Testing Windows Live

Purple Missus mentioned that she had tried using Windows Live.  I’d heard of it a while ago so thought I would try it.  I got a bit fed up with blogging because it was such a hassle but this is so much easier.

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