01 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
to all my blogging friends may you all find
love, creativity and peace.

I've written before that I don't make New Year resolutions then I can't break them but in 2010 I hope to do the following:-

Finish Module 5 and 6 of City and Guilds Embroidery before June otherwise I will have to pay another 3 years registration.

Finish OCA The Art of Photography so I can put in for Augusts assessment. I should get Assignment 2 in by the end of this month and 3,4 and 5 don't seem to have as much work to do so I should make it.

Start OCA 'Printmaking 1: Introduction to Printmaking'. I'm looking forward to this course. I can see how I can use it in Textile work as well as Fine Art.

I must be a glutton for work because I've enrolled on another Open University course. I have always been a doer i.e. using my hands, being artistic as apposed to using my brain (not that I don't) but I've never really been good at maths etc so I thought I would attempt something more cerebral.

I've never really been very good at expressing myself especially in written work - probably why I failed my O'level English exam so I hope I will be able to do this with 'Art and its Histories'. It should be an interesting challenge for this year.

Update 8th January, because I get certain benefits I've got the funding of £630 for this course so I've just finished registering and now await the arrival of the course material if they can deliver it through all the snow that is currently gripping the UK.

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