20 June 2009

Neglected Blog

I've been neglecting this blog lately. I'm still here but I've been concentrating on my photography course and finishing the 3rd module City and Guilds so if you want to see what I've been up to please click on the links to my other blogs.

and because I like to put a photo up on any posts here's one I made earlier (anyone outside of the UK that's a reference to a children's programme here called Blue Peter). Dylan and Ermintrude where very patient and didn't complain once during their photo session, while I was trying to get the Depth of Field correct!!!

16 June 2009

June Calendar Girls postcard

This is the inspiration for this months postcard from Sharon.

I used part of the right hand corner as my inspiration. It reminded me of a patchwork but I didn't want to use that technique so I embellished 'Silk' fibres to a background.

I zig zag stitched the lines to accentuate (blimey that's a big word for this early in the morning) between the different colours I used.

It will be in the post to Jenny this afternoon hope you like it.

01 June 2009

The Dream

Has anyone been following Channel 4's Big Art programme over the past 4 weeks.It has been interesting to see how some have been open minded to a piece of 'public art' in their communities and yet some have been so closed minded that they won't give it a chance. It was the last programme last night and it showed the completion of only the second piece of Art to be completed which is in St Helens not far from where I am in Liverpool.

This picture is only the artists concept idea but if you look on Flickr there will probably be loads of photos over the coming weeks.

If you missed the TV programmes you can catch up with it at here.

What do you think of Janet Street Porters comments from The Independent on 1st April

There's already been controversy over the 60ft-high concrete and marble sculpture of a girl's head called Dream, by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, currently being erected on a former slag heap by the M62 in St Helens outside Liverpool. If ever there was a strong argument for not allowing the public to choose art, this is it.

Put baldly, it is completely without merit, the only plus being the local council did not pay for it.
I don't know what anyone else thinks of it but I like it.