26 January 2009


I use a 'tailors thimble' when I'm hand sewing

that my Mum gave me, we worked out it must be getting on for 50 years old. I can't use any other type so I had to find this one. I dropped it last night and it rolled somewhere but finding where has taken up most of this afternoon.

I hoovered the carpet in the hope of finding it under furniture but all I found was lots of pins. I heard something go up the hose so emptied it to see if it was my thimble but no luck. I even put a piece of fabric over the end in the hope it would suck the thimble up but all it did was suck the fabric up.....

By this time I was getting desperate so there was no option but to pull furniture out. I emptied the shelf unit I have under my desk so I could pull out to look underneath ..... no luck there,

then I pulled out the 3 storage units I bought before Christmas and finally the table I have my sewing machine on. Still no sign of it and I know it had to be somewhere it couldn't have just disappeared into thin air now could it.

So as a last resort I looked again in the hoover found the piece of fabric that had been sucked up and guess what ......... I found my thimble. Hurray what a relief because I don't know where I'd be able to get a new one in Liverpool. I found some here but it would have cost £7.50 post and packing on top of £2 plus VAT the thimble cost.

19 January 2009

Calendar Girls 2009

We are doing something different this year. Instead of using one calendar as our source of inspiration each month we will work from a calendar chosen by that months 'girl'.

This month Debbi chose this picture by Shane Pickett an Australian Aboriginal artist.

The first thing that came in to my mind was using the embellisher but as a few of the other CG's have already used it I thought I'd do something different. My first idea was to do a pastel drawing for my postcard this month. It took me about 15 minutes to do and sorry Carol T but I like it so much I'm going to frame it to put on my studio wall so I had to come up with something else.

My second idea involved using watercolour paints that luckily are in just the right colours for this months card. I started with a piece of the fabric I had left from making the cover for my CG album. I painted the fabric with the watercolour paints but they where a bit too light once dried.

After a second coat of paints it was more what I wanted.

and finally I used some small beads for the white spots you can see in the original.
It will be in the post to Carol T tomorrow hope you like it.

R.I.P Tony Hart

I was so sad to hear yesterday that Tony Hart had passed away. He was an inspiration to many children in the late 1960's onwards with his art programmes on BBC tv here in the UK and started me on my artistic journey. God Bless and Thank you Tony.

PS I've just found this page so if you where a fan of Tony Hart you can leave a message of condolence for his family.


Yesterday Anna blogged about 'Zentangles' which I'd never heard of so I googled and found a 'YouTube' video of Mandala Zentangles which look fun so I had a go this afternoon (or I should say yesterday afternoon as it's now past midnight). I can see these becoming addictive.

The large circles are about 5inch in diameter and the smaller rectangles ATC size.

I'll have a go at some coloured ones tomorrow and try some unusual shapes.

18 January 2009

Calendar Girls

I've been putting the postcards I've received from my fellow Calendar Girls on a magnet board on the wall of my studio but now we're starting a new year I want somewhere to store them because there won't be room for this years selection.

I bought this photo album for 49p down the road and it's just the right size for the postcards.

I embellished a piece of scrim onto some thick fabric I bought in Abakhans. I'm not sure what it is but it does the same job as using velvet.

Next I rust dyed it but I forgot to take a photo before I coloured the piece with fabric paints.

I printed a Monogram on to a piece of T-shirt transfer paper

then stitched lines from top to bottom

and finally a machine made cord to hold it closed

08 January 2009

Cyber Fyber

Last year I swapped a postcard with Susan Lenz as part of her Cyber Fyber exhibition which starts today. Mine is number 62 if you would like to leave a comment. What a great idea to invite textile/fibre artists from around the world to take part.