11 December 2009

New glasses

I had to get my eyes tested for new glasses this afternoon. It's 2 years since my last eye test and I've noticed over the past few months my eyes had deteriorated, been using the computer too much I think. I've had a separate pair for close work but this time I'm getting varifocal lens but I got a bit of a shock at the price. I get some help because I'm on benefits but I had to pay £174 towards them. Good thing I had some money saved. It will take 7-10 days but I should get them in time for Christmas.

The optician didn't mention it but the young man who helps you choose your new glasses said I had an 'astigmatism' it had me worried until I looked it up on the internet. Now I know why I had some blurring of my vision sometimes. It makes you realise that you really shouldn't take your vision for granted and get regular eye tests.

Update 23rd December

I got my new glasses yesterday. I suppose my eyes had got used to the old ones so it will take a while for them to adjust to the new ones, but everything is so much clearer and I can read now without any difficulty.

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Doreen G said...

You won't know yourself with your new multifocal glasses Susan.
They take a bit of getting used to but they are well worth it in the end.
Merry Christmas to you and your mum and all the best for 2010.