06 December 2009

Calendar Girls postcards

I've not been able to do any work for the past few weeks. My Mum was rushed into hospital in the early hours of 21st November with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs. She came home on Friday but for 2 weeks my life revolved around hospital visiting. Anyway my life is back to normal now so I'm trying to catch up.

I am late sending this first postcard to Sharon but hopefully she will think it was worth waiting for.

This is the picture chosen by Jenny for November.

I have had a piece of fabric I dyed using the 'shibori' method for my C & G work and it reminded me of the bark of a tree so I used it for the base and backed it with a piece of wadding and FME around the shapes.

December's postcard is for Doreen in Australia, so I worked on it this afternoon. I want to get it in the post so it will get to her if not before Christmas at least before the end of the year.

This is Neki's choice.

I used my embellisher to attach some silk fibres to a piece of black felt.

PS I bought the silk fibres from a UK distributor but they are from Treetops so they are going home.

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