22 November 2009

Go Penguins......

...... last year as part of Liverpool's Capital of Culture year brightly painted 'Superlambananas' sprang up all over the city and where a surprise highlight of the year. I don't think anyone knew how popular and successful they would be.

This year Liverpool's year long theme has been the Environment. As part of 'A Winters Trail' for Christmas this year the council commissioned the same company to come up with something new .......... Penguins.

I missed out on doing a design last time so I made sure I did one this time and this is what I submitted but unfortunately I wasn't chosen boo hoo!!! I thought perhaps it was because I hadn't done a design featuring the Environment but now I've seen the finished ones some have nothing do with it. Never mind maybe next time they do something similar.

I called him/her 'Oddles of Doodles'.

They all went on display yesterday and this website has them all - click on one of the photos and it will take you to a slideshow with further info about each one.

Some of them are brilliant but is it just sour grapes on my part but are a few of them a bit mediocre?

I particularly like Carrie knitted from 300 recycled plastic bags, Gustav Penguin, Waterfront Penguin, there are some fun ones Sleeping Beauty, Snowy and a celebrity one Owl Ma Penguin. I'd love to see these but they are over the Mersey on the Wirral Grow Your Own Penguin and Strawberry Fields which given its' name you would have thought would have been on this side.

Now I've just got to try and get photograph of as many as I can. I can at least see what my design would have looked like Home Bargains one of the sponsors have been selling 6" high ceramic penquins that you can decorate and enter a competion to win a 3ft version with all the proceeds going to the Lord Mayors charity appeal. I've bought my nephew one each and a few for myself.

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