10 November 2009

Back to creating

At last the new kitchen is finished and I can get back to creating.

It was worth all the upheaval but oh what a mess workmen do make. It's a long kitchen with windows at one end so where the stove was positioned before (where all the new cupboard are) I was standing in my own light when I was cooking so it's much better where it is now.

Do you know windows and doors don't count as part of a kitchen??? Well that is according to the painter from the firm who did the kitchen so I've got to get some paint to do them myself. Though how I'll manage with the window over the sink. I may get up there but I could be stuck up there for some considerable time. We had curtains up at the windows but we're considering blinds now.

Update 4th December 2009  I didn't have to paint the windows, we've just had new double glazed windows installed.

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