09 September 2009

Lino cutting course

I’m hoping to do Printmaking 1: Introduction to Printmaking early next year as my 3rd Module in 1st level towards a Degree with The Open Collage of The Arts.

One of the blogs I follow is an artist based in Australia who is running an online Lino cutting course. It only cost $30 about £18 for 3 lessons and from what I’ve read on other blogs Dijanne gives a good grounding in starting to learn Lino cutting so I’ve just signed up for it.

I won't have to buy any materials because I've already got a small Lino cutting tool set and I bought some soft printing blocks but I want to learn how to use the proper 'lino' that I bought ages ago.....must remember to try the tip I read somewhere, sit on the piece of 'lino' for a while to soften it and make it easier to carve.

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