12 July 2009

July postcard for Carol M

This months inspiration was chosen by Pippa

Like a lot of my fellow Calendar Girls this month I wanted to capture the texture of the picture.

First I embellished a piece of scrim to a thick piece of fabric. Sorry the photo isn't very good of this stage.

Next I embellished various thickness of thread on to the background.

Covered it with a layer of gesso

and sprayed some brusho blue paint on then left it to dry.

I then added some fabric paints in blue and green painted on some white acrylic in parts to lighten it.

Finally a coat of watercolour 'Iridescent medium' to give it a sparkle, you know like when the sun glints of snow or ice.


Carol said...

I love it Susan can't wait to get it in my hot little hands :)

Doreen G said...

I love it as well Susan--my technique is similar if I ever get it finished.