19 May 2009

Calendar Girls May

For a while this afternoon I thought I wasn't going to be able to use the internet. We had power to our electric lights but not to the sockets on the walls. About 3 months ago the landlord had installed a new electric board, you know the sort that has a trip switch etc instead of the old type where you had to use fuse wire in the fuses. Anyway I tried resetting the switch but it wouldn't work so I got on to the landlord and they sent someone out within the hour.

He had us unplug everything but couldn't find out what was wrong. It wasn't until he asked when the power went off that he realised it was something to do with the heavy rain we'd had around 3pm. We can't use the front room because of the damp and one of the sockets on the outside wall over the years must have got wet in it and the heavy rain this afternoon had caused a short circuit. He managed to fix it and we are back to normal.

Anyway back to the subject of this post - my Calendar Girls postcard for May which I posted to Neki this afternoon.

This is the picture that Doreen chose for this month.

I embellished some wool to a piece of fabric for the background.

Then added silk fibres in various colours......

..... and finally added some hand stitching to suggest the 'water lilies'.

This months postcard isn't my usual "style" but I hope Neki likes my "impression" of Doreen's choice.

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