16 April 2009

All about faces

For the past few weeks I've been concentrating on an online class I've been taking with Paulette Insall called 'All About Faces'.

In the first lesson I practiced drawing eyes, noses and mouths. They look really funny when they are out of context.

Next I put them all together in a face. I need to practice faces they all seem to have the same look.

Week 2 I did the background for my paintings. I used a 8 x 10 inch and 10 x 14 inch canvas. I had to re do the green one because I made a mess when I started to paint the face and couldn't rescue it so you will see the background is different in the smaller canvas.

I made a start on the face by drawing then painting the first layer.

2nd stage - Add colour to the eyes and lips and the face starts to look more lifelike.

3rd Stage - Add hair, eyebrows and start to add shading to the face. I prefer the 1st face, the 2nd didn't work as well. I wanted her hair to look as if it was blown by the wind but I don't think it worked.

4th Stage - Add shading to lips and more shading to face.

Finishing touches - I didn't want to do to much to the 1st face so just added decoration to the hairband and touched up in a few places. The 2nd face hasn't worked out as well as I wanted so I just added a quotation and I'll put it to one side for a few weeks and look at it again.

PS I should have said I used acrylics for these painting with some Caran d'ache Neocolour water soluble wax crayons for the cheeks and lips.


Pat said...

Fascinating to watch the development and great results. I wouldn't worry about them looking the same isn't that how you tell a great artist? LOL

Val said...

Lovely post Susan - I really enjoyed reading it and seeing your progress - great backgrounds too!
Is it all acrylic paints?

Elizabeth Braun said...

Ooof, I remember the Hillsborough incident and also the Bradford one. I used to work with a chap who saved an old man's life at the Bradford fire.=)

I too am doing C&G embroidery, level 3 cert and am interested in the OCA textiles courses. Will be looking more at your blog to find out more!=)

Papoosue said...

I think these are awesome, Susan - I agree it's wonderful to see how you've progressed them along and I love the finished canvasses. I also wondered if you used acrylic paints to do these?