29 March 2009

Monoprint tutorial

There was a discussion on Textile Challenges about monoprinting and I said I'd write some instructions for those who hadn't done it before so this afternoon I took some photos as I did a couple of samples.

The first photo is of supplies that I used - cheap latex gloves so you don't end up with paint all over your hands, textile paints in blue and white, acrylic paint in permanent rose, textile medium to add to the acrylic paint,sponge brushes (the yellow handled ones where 40p from Wilkinsons, the kind you use for testing paints) and finally a piece of glass to spread the paint on - I bought mine in a 99p store.

1st stage - I mixed some of the acrylic paint with an equal amount of textile medium and brushed it evenly onto the piece of glass.

2nd stage - you can use anything you want that will make a mark in the paint, I used a piece cut from a credit card.

3rd stage - place a piece of fabric on top of the paint and use a brayer to gently roll across the back.

4th stage - gently pull the fabric from the glass and voila you have your first monoprint.

You can leave it like that or add a second layer.

Mix blue and white fabric paint together and make your marks. This time I made marks in different directions through the paint.

I used the same piece as before but placed it so it covered some of the first monoprint so you can see what it looks like with more than one layer.

I hope you find this of help. This is the method I find works for me but as with any new technique experiment until you find what works for you.


Carol said...

Thansk for doing this sus, I am very greatful.

Anni's Art said...

Thanks for the monoprint tutorial easy to understand, this I must try.

Purple Missus said...

Great,easy to understand tutorial Susan - first of many I hope :)

KathyB said...

Thanks for reminding me about monotype printing. I use to do this with my students. I haven't done it in years, but I think it would be a great jumping off point for my abstract collage art. From there I could glue paper or fabric pieces, and I would be ready to do some stitching. You have just refreshed my options! You can see what I'm doing @ http://kbartdesigns.com