30 July 2008

As it was a reasonably nice day warm and humid but not very sunny I had a walk along Southport Pier. It's Britains second longest Pier 3,650 ft in length. I should have taken my camera to take some photos especially as I got near to the end I discovered that it is true - on a clear day you can see Blackpool Tower in the distance from Southport beach.

Grand Day Out

I've always had trouble buying new shoes but since T J Hughes reduced their shoe stock I've found it impossible to get really comfortable ones in Liverpool. I've had a mail order catalogue a few times from 'Hotter Shoes' but I decided to take a trip to their shop in Southport today.

It took me nearly 2 hours to get there - one bus to Bootle Strand - a 30 minute wait then another bus to Southport. I've found that I can do it in about 90 minutes in future by getting a bus to Walton Vale and picking up the Southport bus there.

It was worth all the travelling though I had a nice trip in to some open countryside and spent a bit too much on these:

Have you ever tried a new pair of shoes on and known straight away that they will be comfortable, well these where like that.

24 July 2008

July Calendar Girls Postcard

For once I've finished and got it into the post on time.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but ended up doing it completely differently in the end.

I ironed 'freezer paper' on to a piece of poly cotton fabric.

Next I used some of the transfer paints I've just bought to colour the background and when I removed the freezer paper it looked like this. I quite like the effect so I think it is something I may develop further.

I was going to just FME the yellow stripes but it needed something else so I ended up FME all of the flower as well, but I think it's worked.

19 July 2008

New Fridge Freezer

Isn't always the way - because I'm not feeling as tired as I had been I was planning on spending this afternoon catching up with some C & G work and make my postcard for this month's Calendar girls. But sods law I didn't get anything done.

As I was passing the fridge freezer last night I noticed a red light on it that isn't supposed to be lit up was. It lights up when the freezer goes below a certain temperature. We hadn't noticed the motor hadn't been running so we don't know how long it had been off for.

I checked how much it would cost to repair 'from £99.99 upwards' so we decided it was easier to get a new one. So I spent Saturday afternoon shopping for a new one. I chose this one from John Lewis.

It's a Frost free one so bliss I won't have to defrost the freezer. We'll have to manage until Wednesday when it will be delivered. We had to throw out ice cream and lollie ices because they'd melted but if we don't open the freezer too often some of the food will stay frozen for a while until we can use it so luckily we won't lose a lot of food.

13 July 2008

I'm Back

I can't believe it's a month since I've posted anything. I went for my regular blood test a couple of weeks ago and got the results on Friday I'm anaemic again. No wonder I've been feeling so tired all the time, to be honest I just haven't had the enthusiasm to do anything and now I know why. Hopefully once the iron tablets start working I'll feel more up to doing things. I was wondering where my creative muse had gone, she seemed to pack her bags and had been on holiday for most of this year.

I finished my OU Photography course last Wednesday, you can see some of my work here. I'd appreciate your opinions on them.

Here's a photo to keep you going until I have some work to post about. There are 120 SuperLambananas that have sprung up around Liverpool, these are 3 nearest to where I live.