25 December 2008

Seasons Greetings

If you celebrate Christmas hope you are all having a great time.

I got my Christmas present to myself a few weeks ago. I like to tape Radio 4 plays such as Poirot or Sherlock Holmes to listen to in bed. I'd bought a new radio cassette earlier this year but the cassette player broke last month so I decided to treat myself to a DAB micro system

I bought it from Argos and it's not often you get anything for nothing in this life but got this DAB radio free with it, yes FREE you aren't misreading.
The sound quality on Digital radio is brilliant and I can now get BBC7 so I can listen to all the murder and mystery plays to my hearts content. It's been fun listening to some of the old comedies they put on such as 'Hancocks half hour, The Clitheroe Kid and The Navy Lark'. They may be 40-50 years old but you can still have a good laugh not like some of the so called comedy that is on nowadays.


Frances said...

I hope you had a nice christmas Susan and have a very happy new year, your present to yourself sounds great, I like your tyvek flowers in the previous post too, all the best for 2009, Frances

Purple Missus said...

Hope you had a good Christmas Susan. Like you I always listen to Radio 4, love the plays and the book readings.
Didn't even know that Radio 7 existed!!! Am now going to have to go hunting for it. :)