31 December 2008

New Year Resolutions

I haven't made New Year resolutions for years now - then I won't break them.

In 2009 I'm tightening my belt (not because of the credit crunch) but because I want to save up for an all singing computerised sewing machine. I'm only going to use things that I already have in my stash of supplies unless it is something I especially need for my City & Guilds course or if there is a book I just have to have.

I've narrowed it down to:

Janome Memory Craft 11000

OR Bernina artista 730E

so if there is anyone reading this who has used either of these machines I'd appreciate their advice.

PS Just seen the info on the new Bernina 830, WOW what a machine but what will the price be????


Purple Missus said...

Carol at A Stitch in Time has just got the Bernina 730 and I think she is quite taken with it.

Marianne said...

Hi, I've got a Bernina 730E and am very happy with it. I digitize my own embroidery so I've got the Bernina software with it. I do dressmaking as well as what I consider art textiles so it gets a fair bit of use. I've had it since Oct 2006 and so far the only thing I'm annoyed about is the time it takes to start up. BUT then it has got Windows inside so who can wonder.

hippopip said...

We used the Bernina's at college and I liked them but found getting at the bobbin very difficult so opted for a Janome and I love it very forgiving and adoddle to operate, but it is not so top of the range as yours.Thanks for your help re the logo

queenopearls said...

Susan I'm smitten with the 830 though I've not been able to physically see it. I understand it retails for about $12,000 yet my local retailers can't keep it on the shelf. I know it is huge but the possibilities make my mouth water! lol Good luck deciding.

Ali-Oop's Mom said...

I have had the MC1100 for about two years and have been very pleased. Although it was still an investment, I still got it about 2K less than the Bernina I was looking at.