28 December 2008

DIY lightbox

Lynda was telling how she was given a 'light tent' and it was so big that it exploded when she took it out of it's box. I made a DIY lightbox from plumbers piping a while ago but I've never really used it because it was too big but I'd also seen on the internet how to make one from an old cardboard box. Well I spent Boxing day afternoon making myself one. It's a cube about 15inches in size so not too small but just big enough for photographing my work.

and here are a few photos I took with it or should I say in it. Close ups of a few pieces of costume jewellery

and a 'Scruffy' a little teddy statue I was given a few years ago.

This is a piece I did a while ago - monoprinted background with a piece of scrim over the top then embroidered and beaded. The colours come out much better more true to life so don't have to do any post processing in Photoshop so I can see I'll be using this a lot in the future.

PS I should have given you the link to how to make one :) there are 2 here and here. Good luck if you have a go.


Purple Missus said...

This is my project for today :) I've managed to find a suitable size box.
And looking at your photos it obviously works.

P.S. Love the diamante bits :)

Carol said...

Can I have the link please, with these dark days its driving me mad trying to get a decent photo

Carol said...

ignore last comment if I had read Lyndas post all the way through I would have seen the link :)