23 October 2008

I'm still here....

..... but a lot of hospital visits with my Mum over the last few months. She's been having trouble with her hearing for a while and when she visited her GP back in February she was told she had a perforated ear drum.

We couldn't work out how she could have done it but we suddenly remembered last year when she had yet another hospital appointment she got blown of her feet on a particularly windy day as she was getting in to the taxi. At the time she was covered in bruises but she must have knocked her head, not enough to be noticeable but hard enough to damage her eardrum.

Firstly the GP had requested a hearing test but because of the perforated ear drum she had to go through ENT but it has taken over 6 months to get the appointment and then it wasn't for ENT just for the hearing test. They managed to do it and she needs hearing aids for both ears. They've taken a mould of her left ear but she's still got to go to ENT for her right ear. BUT she can't just go there, the technician has to write to the GP who has to write for an appointment for ENT so heaven knows how long that is going to take. They don't make it easy do they. Plus it will take up to 12 weeks for the hearing aid to be made. Hopefully it won't take that long.

Anyway on to some TEXTILES.

I've finished Module 2 of my City and Guilds or I should say I thought I had but I've got to redo the final assessment. You can see what I've done here.


I got this brilliant postcard from Lynda in September. The japanese symbol means 'friendship'. Have a look at her blog to see how she made it.

I got this one last week from Pat. I love the way she's interpreted the 'silver and gold' of the text.

Do you like my cute box to hold my bead collection? It's only 9 by 5 inches and 5 inches tall. Have a guess how much it cost me? Give up .............. £1 ..... that's right one pound from the appropriately named 'Poundland'.

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Doreen G said...

Oh Susan your poor Mum-I know what it is like to have a perforated eardrum as I had one when I was a kid--it's like being in an echo chamber.
I do hope she gets it all sorted out soon.