19 July 2008

New Fridge Freezer

Isn't always the way - because I'm not feeling as tired as I had been I was planning on spending this afternoon catching up with some C & G work and make my postcard for this month's Calendar girls. But sods law I didn't get anything done.

As I was passing the fridge freezer last night I noticed a red light on it that isn't supposed to be lit up was. It lights up when the freezer goes below a certain temperature. We hadn't noticed the motor hadn't been running so we don't know how long it had been off for.

I checked how much it would cost to repair 'from £99.99 upwards' so we decided it was easier to get a new one. So I spent Saturday afternoon shopping for a new one. I chose this one from John Lewis.

It's a Frost free one so bliss I won't have to defrost the freezer. We'll have to manage until Wednesday when it will be delivered. We had to throw out ice cream and lollie ices because they'd melted but if we don't open the freezer too often some of the food will stay frozen for a while until we can use it so luckily we won't lose a lot of food.


Purple Missus said...

Its funny but people look at me strange when I say I buy most of my stuff from John Lewis but they really are good value. Although they may appear slightly dearer you normally get an extra years warranty and free delivery so when you work all that out it usually comes out cheaper in the long run. Plus their service is excellent too. Your FF looks exactly like the one I've got :))

Purple Missus said...

P.S. And I haven't got around to doing the CG postcard yet either. Lots of displacement activity going on here.