13 July 2008

I'm Back

I can't believe it's a month since I've posted anything. I went for my regular blood test a couple of weeks ago and got the results on Friday I'm anaemic again. No wonder I've been feeling so tired all the time, to be honest I just haven't had the enthusiasm to do anything and now I know why. Hopefully once the iron tablets start working I'll feel more up to doing things. I was wondering where my creative muse had gone, she seemed to pack her bags and had been on holiday for most of this year.

I finished my OU Photography course last Wednesday, you can see some of my work here. I'd appreciate your opinions on them.

Here's a photo to keep you going until I have some work to post about. There are 120 SuperLambananas that have sprung up around Liverpool, these are 3 nearest to where I live.


Genie said...

Welcome back. Love your photos

Purple Missus said...

Welcome back stranger :)
Hope you're feeling on top form very soon. Just nipping over to look at your photos.

Doreen G said...

Welcome back Susan and thanks for helping Val and I out with our "dumb" problem--it pays to have smart friends sometimes doesn't it.

Doreen K. said...

Too cool! When I lived in Iowa, they had done the same thing to pigs. And had them in different places in the city of Des Moines.

Cathy W said...

We had cows here in Houston about 6 or 7 years ago. Love the humour of the Super Lambananas (if I spelled that right?) and the "live one" in your other post! Yes, I'm having fun reading back through your posts today ... so glad you like the very tardy ATC. One day I hope to be one of the Calendar girls -- but not until I can complete swaps in a more timely fashion!