30 July 2008

Grand Day Out

I've always had trouble buying new shoes but since T J Hughes reduced their shoe stock I've found it impossible to get really comfortable ones in Liverpool. I've had a mail order catalogue a few times from 'Hotter Shoes' but I decided to take a trip to their shop in Southport today.

It took me nearly 2 hours to get there - one bus to Bootle Strand - a 30 minute wait then another bus to Southport. I've found that I can do it in about 90 minutes in future by getting a bus to Walton Vale and picking up the Southport bus there.

It was worth all the travelling though I had a nice trip in to some open countryside and spent a bit too much on these:

Have you ever tried a new pair of shoes on and known straight away that they will be comfortable, well these where like that.

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Robin Mac said...

Hullo Susan,
this is my first visit to your blog, but I will be back again. I am very envious of the new shoes you have managed to buy, I have awful trouble getting shoes which are comfy and those look superb. I like your Calendar Girls flower (my link to your site0, and also the photography. Great work.
Cheers, Robin