12 June 2008

June Calendar Girls postcard

Hurray I'm ahead of time with this months postcard. This months card is for Jenny.

I started by embellishing blue wool on to a piece of purple muslin for the background.

Next I made some Silk Paper in yellow, cut petal from it and stitched them to a piece of water soluble film. I FME the flower centre and leaf.

Once I rinsed the piece to get rid of the soluble film and dried it I zig zagged round the petals to attach it to the background. I've left the leaf loose.

Hope you like it Jenny.

03 June 2008

May Calendar Girls

Late as usual ..... but my postcard for Joanne is winging it's way to NY. Firstly I coloured a nappy liner for the background with some scrim over the top. Next I printed the words on to some T-shirt Transfer paper. I made a footprint stamp and used some fabric paints to stamp them near to the words.