29 May 2008

TIF April.......

........ only a month late and just in time for Sharon to give us June's challenge ....... one of these months I'll get it done on time.

For April's challenge Sharon wrote:

"Since it is the first of the month it’s time to set another Take it Further challenge. With the arrival of Autumn in my part of the world and Spring in the Northern hemisphere my mind turns to ideas of cycles that involve change. Some people see change as positive while others are fearful of change.

How do you see change? That is the challenge topic this month."

Lynda kindly sent me some of the polystyrene frames that she blogged about here

so I decided to use one of them for this challenge.

First I stuck some straws on to the sides and after they had dried I covered it with tissue paper stuck on with PVA glue let down with some water. I glued some thick thread in the spaces between each straw. Then I glued scrim to the front and finally some crochet cotton in various swirling shapes on the front and left it to dry thoroughly for a few days.

Next I painted it with Burnt Umber acrylic paint as a base, then lightly with some Burnt Sienna and finally Copper acrylic paints.

I stuck a small oval shaped glass bead at the bottom on each side.

I'm not sure whether to leave it like this or add some more glass adornments. The square centre has clear covers that I may put something in between. I'll leave it for a while and see.

I started the colour option for April but the colour don't really do anything for me. I'll finish what I've started but I may add some brighter colours to it before I blog about it ...... stay tuned.


Cestandrea said...

Hi Susan, great result, it looks as if it was made of bronze:) love the colours,

Meg in Albuquerque said...

It looks good! I love the color, and he dsigns you placed on the frame. Good art is made at its own speed and not at ours.

Purple Missus said...

Ooh Susan, this looks wonderful. I love what you have done with this frame. It looks like its made of metal. A lovely piece of art.
I think it would look good with something in the centre, not necessarily inside the acrylic blocks, something metallic just standing inside would look good.

Lynn Douglass said...

I used to do projects like this when I was into decorative painting, and looking at your piece makes me miss playing with paint like that. I love what you've done!