22 April 2008


My brother came to LFC's match tonight. He got here early because the last time he came he got stuck in traffic for 5 hours on the motorway and it was 8pm by the time he got to the outskirts of Liverpool so he had to turn back, it was too late for the match.

Anyway he taught me something about using a computer that I never knew.

He wanted to check his e-mails so used my computer. I've had the internet at home for about 14 months now and I've only just discovered I can access my e-mails from any computer via my ISP website, doh!!! I thought you could only get them by using Outlook or Thunderbird. What a twit!!!!

1 comment:

Purple Missus said...

What a twit indeed *LOL*
But there, they say you learn something new every day.
What a waste of time for your poor brother - did he miss a good match?