24 April 2008

April Calendar Girls

My postcard this month is for Lynda.

I painted nappy liner with watercolour paint and ironed it on to a piece of cotton fabric. It needed something else so I painted scrim with fabric paint. I don't know what sort of scrim this is I got it from Fred Aldous but it's stiff and if you wet it you can stick it down so that's what I did to adhere it to the nappy liner. I printed the saying on to T-shirt transfer paper and added a few of the hearts. I added some zig zag stitching around it to make it look as if it was a separate piece that I'd added. I'd also printed the flower on the same paper but once I'd ironed it on to the background I felt the postcard was a bit flat so I've machine embroidered over it.


Doreen G said...

Lovely Susan --Lynda will love it

Purple Missus said...

Fabulous. I love the colours and I particularly like the way you have used the text.
I've got some of that stiff scrim stuff and didn't realise that if you wet it it would stick down so thanks for that.