26 March 2008

March Calendar Girls Postcard

Here's my version of this months postcard for Pat. It's not my usual style so I wasn't too sure if it worked or not so I gave Pat the choice that if she positively hated it to let me know and I would still have time to have another go. I'm glad to say that she likes it so it will be in the post before the weekend.

I used some of the fabrics I dyed a while ago. First I bondawebbbed (is that a word???) some blue swirls from one of the vases on to the background. In Photoshop I cut and pasted the daisy on to a new page and printed it on to T-shirt transfer paper which I searched high and low for and couldn't find until I suddenly looked down by my computer. I must have put it down the side of the computer when I was having a clean out, doh!!! I cut around the daisy and ironed it on to the postcard. I felt there where a few gaping holes so machine stitched a few more swirls on to the background.

This is the postcard I received in the lunchtime post from Carol you can find out how she made it here.

I put the Calendar Girls postcards in clear plastic holders on the magnetic board I have on the wall so I can look at them.

I've had a glue gun for a while but not used it much so I can see I'll have to have a go with it.


Doreen G said...

Lovely Susan.
It's amazing that you both chose the same element from the picture yet the interpretation is so different.

Things Hand Made said...

I would use "bondawebbed" as a word! We all know what you mean.

Julie said...

Both are lovely cards Susan.