03 February 2008

Take it Further January.....

.... it's only 3 days late but I've finished at last.

I've been feeling a bit down the past few weeks so I've not really done much. I was going to do a painting for January's Concept but it has taken me all my time just to get up in a morning so that idea has come to nothing BUT I hope to come back to it at some point during this year, perhaps when there are more daylight hours in a day and I'll feel more like painting.

Anyway I ended up doing a doodle embroidery based on the colours scheme. I knew the colours reminded me of something and it wasn't until I read a post on Island Threads that it came to me 'Suffragettes'.

I used my new graphics tablet to doodle a design and came up with this.
Before I started to embroider I printed 'votes for women in white' on the background fabric

as I've done more embroidery the words have been covered up so I don't think you can see them now, still I know they are there.


Aussie Jo said...

Your TIF piece is very interesting Susan. It looks a little like amoeba floating around there. I love the hidden words.

Celia said...

I had the same association to those colours - I like your interpretation.

I got as far as gathering some information about the Pankhursts - but that's as far as it went!


Things Hand Made said...

Wow, this is what you come up with when you haven't done much?
I really like the doodles.

Frances said...

I like the way you had built this up, it is like the situation at the time, many people tried to cover the idea of women voting and the women had to 'fight' to be heard/seen just as your words do, great, the doddles remind me of things seen down microscopes,

fiona d said...

I love this - especially enjoyed seeing the build up of texture and I like the hidden text as well

Purple Missus said...

A really good piece Susan. It must have taken you ages to do all that hand stitching. Nice to see it in the different stages.