03 February 2008

Take it Further February

Sharon B has set an interesting concept for this months Take it Further challenge. 'What are you old enough to remember?' It's funny it's something I was talking to an old neighbour about only the other day. The Post Office that we have used for over 40 years is unfortunately one of those that will be closing in March. We signed a petition and wrote letters but we think they had already made their minds up but that's another story. Anyway I was saying to her that I could remember when we first moved here in 1965 when I was six (doh!!! I've given my age away now:)) that the road where the PO is was full of shops - 2 butchers, fish shop, greengrocers, Co-op, florist, Sayers cake shop, cobblers, hairdressers, chemist (one of the few shops left which also shut down last year)3 sweet shops, 3 chippies (fish and chip shops) over the years they have gradually closed down and been turned into houses.

When we moved here it was to a corner general shop. The shop sold a variety of things from sweets and cigarettes to cooked meats, eggs, canned goods. BTW the cute little chap next to me is celebrating his 46th birthday today so Happy Birthday to my little brother.
I can remember sweets in jars that you could buy as little as 2oz of. Instead of having to buy large packs of bacon you could buy 2 slices if you wanted and 1 or 2 eggs instead of half a dozen, large cans of corned beef that Mum had to slice on a lethal looking bacon slicer. I can remember standing with the box Mum had made for local kids to buy penny treats from, and I mean an old penny pre-decimalization. They took longer than their parents to choose from little white chocolate mice, fruit salad and black jacks, flying saucers and liquorice in different shapes curled round a sweet or sticks filled with sherbet.

My Dad worked in a butchers and every weekend would bring a leg of pork home to stuff and cook to sell in the shop, I can still smell the delicious smell throughout the house. Can you imagine the row that would cause with health and safety nowadays?

I swear we don't get the sun the same nowadays either. In the photo above you can see large jars of sweets, well Mum had to put up a canvas blind on that window in the morning because the sun shined right on it and started to melt the sweets. We rarely get it shining in that window now. The window on the other side of the shop got the sun in the afternoon and Mum grew some tomatoes plants in it one summer.


Julie said...

You both look very sweet! I can remember all these things too. I lived above my father's sweet shops until I was 9 and remember all the jars of sweets. You could buy lucky bags too, not sure how much they cost. amazing what thoughts this challenge is bringing out isn't it?

sharon young said...

What a memory you have Susan, I've got 10 years on you and I can only just remember the sweets in jars, not a lot else, poor old dear, my memory really must be shot LOL, my kids keep telling me it is!
Thank you for your lovely comment on the CG blog and good luck with the TIF challenge.

Vicki W said...

I am really enjoying reading everyone's walk down memory lane. I wasn't going to post about my own childhood until I realized how much I was enjoying reading everyone else's posts!

Purple Missus said...

Crikey, reading that has bought back some memories. This was the sort of sweet shop my great grandad had. DH and I were sitting there the other night going through the names of sweets you could buy by the 2 ozs. Pineapple Chunks, Tom Thumbs, Sherbert, Pear drops, Winter Mixture, Aniseed Balls. I could go on and on.
Its nice that you still live there even though it is now a house.