09 February 2008


We've never had anything like this in Liverpool so I'm excited that 'Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts' are coming to Aintree Racecourse in April. I'm trying to use up what I already have in my stash of supplies so I can save up to stock up on anything I can't buy in town or would have to send for by mail order.

Anyway the point is I don't have any 'Setacolour Soleil' for sunprinting so I tried using the silk paints I already have. It wouldn't be any loss if it didn't work I'd just have some more coloured pieces of cotton for future use. For anyone who's not done any sunprinting you paint your 100% cotton fabric with the fabric paints and put objects such as leaves, metal objects on top and leave it out in the sun to dry. When you take them off you are left with the shape in white.

This is the first piece I tried using a couple of bottles, a pen, box and some washers I got cheap in the local supermarket. I left it overnight in the DARK and don't ask me how but it WORKED!!!

I had another go last night but just using the washers which I think because they are metal gave a nice crisp edge.






Vicki W said...

You've developed a new technique! I wondered if it really required the sun or if it naturally happened as the piece dries.

sharon young said...

These are really super effects, I didn't know it would work in the dark either, I've done it with Procion in the sun. So, many thanks for the tip, love the one with the washers.
Sorry to give you a fright on the CG PC's, I just wanted to get a head start as I've got a lot this month .

Cestandrea said...

Dear Susan, thanks so much for this info, great info! Because I never tried sunprinting as I live in Paris in an appartment, ok I have a balcony but in winter there's no sun on it. So your nice experiments tell me that I can do it too:)

Another thing: I have posted a few surprises to win, for my dear blogreaders. All you need to do is come and let me know if you want to win. (Paris Souvenirs:)

Purple Missus said...

Now you know why you haven't seen that strange object in the sky lately - it comes out at night when you are sleeping **LOL**