09 February 2008

Monoprinting - Glue Batik

The first lesson in Susan Sorrell's Monoprinting class at Joggles was on sunprinting. Well I don't know about you but I've not seen that strange object in the sky to much lately. Susan realised the same thing so she gave us a free lesson on using Elmers Gel Glue in Batik. I'm not sure if you can get it here in the UK so I had a go with PVA glue to see if that will work in the same way. The PVA I've got is a bit runny so it's not worked too well.

Anybody got any idea of what other glue I could use, obviously something that will wash out in water.

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Jan said...

I use Elmers washable school glue, the bottle has a fine nozzle for 'drawing'really fine lines and washes out beautifully.The best thing is that it's available at 'The Works' Cheapie discount bookshops and stationers, scattered around the uk. hopefully you'll have one near you