20 February 2008

Calendar Girls February Postcard

I've just finished my version of February's Calendar Girls postcard which will be winging it's way across the Atlantic ocean to Sandy on Friday.

This is the picture we used this month for inspiration:

I decided to use the vase as the background so I painted a piece of white cotton with silk paints and my version of sun printing to get the white spots by placing push pins on top and leaving overnight.

When I took them off this is what I was left with.

I made some silk paper in the colour of the flowers and appliqued them to the background fabric with some FME to indicate stamens along with some green silk paper for the sepals.

Hope you like my version Sandy.


Homeleightigger said...

It is beautiful Susan, and a very original way of obtaining a result!
Great stuff! Val

Purple Missus said...

And this is what I came across to see :)
As Val says, its a very original way of obtaining a result. Those circles are perfectly round, and the flower is wonderful.

Doreen G said...

Wonderful Susan and the flower is beautiful

Sandy said...

I do like it a lot. What a good idea to use push pins as a resist. Sandy

Carol said...

Ingenious way of creating the spots, I love it.
No wonder the petals glow, the silk paper colour is gorgeous

Things Hand Made said...

It has a real burst of spring about it.

Pat said...

Susan I am so sorry I missed this during the week, what a clever idea and what a lovely zingy finished piece.