06 January 2008

Calendar Girls January Postcard

It's only the first week of 2008 but already 10 of the Calendar Girls have finished their postcards so I thought I'd better get on with mine, don't want to be left behind.

I decided to zoom in part of one sunflower so I started by making a few sketches

I couldn't decide which one to use so made 2 postcards. I scanned the sketches in to my computer then printed them on to a piece of cotton to use as a basis for FME.

I've decided to ask Sharon which one she prefers and I can keep the other one for myself.


Carol said...

Wonderful Susan, such glorious colours, Sharon will find it hard to choose

Purple Missus said...

Love them both but the second one has the edge. Good choice of thread colour for the edges. I love your drawings too, you ought to make them into postcards :)

Micki said...

They are both really good. It is hard to choose which one I like the best.

Dianne said...

Beautiful cards! I love the bottom one, just because I love bright colours!!

Frances said...

Susan I love your postcards both the drawn and stitched,